Since the primeval cultures of Greece, Rome and Egypt, that is when doll making started to be around. In Greece, the first norm of toys to be dolls is standard for like AD 100. In the U.S, some of the recognized designers and doll makers are Hasbro, Mattel and many others. There are a lot of other people and tycoons also involved in this particular business including Africans and African Americans. Below is the list of the top 7 designers you need to know.


Designs by Trinity:

 He is a designer based in Texas. In 2001, he began the African American creation of dolls. Their artefact line comprises the personality of that captures the character and image, collectible dolls and the adult too. They can as well be bought on their website

Uzuri Kid :

Now, this particular doll maker started the creation of dolls replicating the philosophy of African American back in 1997. The designer is based in Columbus, Ohio. The term “Uzuri” stands for beauty and also articulates the belief of the company which is “every kid is gorgeous and it does not matter what shade they portray.”

The Queens of Africa Designs:

The Company is based in Nigeria and portrays the doll making accoutrements that indorses the custom of Africa. The dolls are made from the African prints and colors which they wear and they also got both natural and plaited hair. The Barbie dolls can be found globally but are more common in Nigeria and it’s said that they sell more since that’s where they are made.

The Tonner World designs:

The specific company’s mantra is “we are beautiful girls ruling the world.” The founders and designers include Stacey McBride and Trent T. Daniel who by the way, were the ones who designed the dolls on behalf of Mattel. Their line was launched back in 2010 and it’s a line that represents the multi- culture which was created to occupy the gap in various symbol in doll business. They are located in Texas Houston.

The Double Dutch designs:

Their product line and designs is a multi- ethnic dolls, accessories and books aged for girls around 8 and above. They are Hispanic, biracial, Multiracial and African American. The Company is located in Georgia Marietta and was founded back in 2013.

The Positive Perfect designs:

It was formed in 2010 in a way of encouraging young girls. The founders were former professor and a mom. The dolls can be found in Walmart stores and in native target. The dolls are aimed to endorse intelligence, encounter perceptions, hearts towards various sorts of exquisiteness and encourage dream.

Ethi Dolls:

The company was founded by two Ethiopian women in 2003 from NY area. It produces authentic, African American dolls and fixtures that embraces the history and the culture of African American heritage. Their main target was to create a produce of distinctive monogram dolls and culturally authentic which demonstrates history and rejoice cultural assortment.