Sex, in its truest forms, is not just an act but an experience. A journey that escalates your relationship with your partner. The act of intimacy is all about unraveling the deepest secrets of each other and caressing them with love and affection in a way that you resonate at the same level. This is how sex and intimacy has always been viewed as. In our culture and literature, it is something that is celebrated as the highest form of comfort that you can share with a person and the ultimate pleasure that you derive when you surrender yourself to your partner, physically and emotionally.

It was never food vs sex

The quintessential sexual experience that everyone searches for is the one which involves a symphony of all five sense organs of your body. Yes, the sense receptors in your body have a great impact in achieving the perfect orgasm, one that escalates you to new horizons of ecstasy. Food is something that forms an essential element of this journey for it is one of those few things that has the prowess to cater to all of your sense organs. Time and again, learned men and women have put forward their views on several foods that have the capacity to enhance your libido which have been collectively categorized as aphrodisiacs. Derived from the name of the Greek goddess Aphrodite, these aphrodisiacs are foods or love potions that have some significant stimulating effect on the male and female sex hormones, resulting in increased desire to get intimate with the other person.

Dim lights, satin bedsheets, soft romantic music and a bottle of champagne by the bedside. Isn’t this setting luring enough! The avid romantics are well aware of the fact that any intimate setting is somewhat incomplete without the presence of an aphrodisiac. Chocolates, wine, berries are foods that are recommended not just for the visual impact that they create but also for the hormonal effect that they have on the body. Our knowledge of sensuality can be successfully attributed to our movies. A major portion of what we know about intimacy and sex comes from them. Aphrodisiacs have played an important role in depicting romance on the screen. Whether it is about the mention of a ‘love potion’ in harry potter or the scent of a lady that drives the protagonist crazy in the German drama Perfume, aphrodisiacs seem to be an essential part of our movies for a long time.

Boost your sex life

Have you been feeling lately that your romance is going through a low phase? Do you feel the lack of enthusiasm in your sex life? Or maybe you just want some sexy foreplay with your partner! Well, aphrodisiacs are the perfect solution for libido enhancement. Such alluring foods are beneficial in reducing your stress level, increase the flow of flood and affect the neurotransmitters in a positive manner. Here is a list of certain tried and tested aphrodisiacs that you can try to spice up things in your bedroom-

  • Chocolate : To begin with, let’s address the elephant in the room. Chocolates are always considered to be an essential part of sex. In fact, most of the sexual fantasies of people are associated with chocolates. Referred to as nourishment that is godsend by Aztecs, cocoa in its pure and unadulterated form contains more antioxidants than any other food or beverage. The chemical phenylethlamine present in cocoa gives you an instant stimulation and increases your libido. Relishing a piece of chocolate in your everyday lifestyle will not add calories to your body and at the same time, will do wonders to your sex life.
  • Avocado : Appearances are not always deceptive just like this fruit. Referred by the name of ahucatl in the ancient culture, the fruit bears strong resemblance to the male genitalia and is also a powerful aphrodisiac. In some cultures the food had to be banned for certain class of people because of its significant effects on the libido of both males and females! The curvy and sensuous shape of the fruit itself is a suitable turn on for most people. So, when in doubt just grab an avocado to savour a lustful bite that will add the right amount of spark in your intimate life.
  • Apples : An apple a day might keep the doctor away but not your partner! Research has proved that apples have great power of tempting people and increase the sex drive of an individual. The fruit is especially recommended to women for a particular compound phloridzin present in it is said to be similar to female sex hormone estradiol. Apples increase the blood flow to the genitalia which helps a women with arousal and orgasm. For satisfactory results, one should consume at least one or two apples a day.
  • Saffron : Saffron as an aphrodisiac has been a part of our traditions and mythology. It is believed that Cleopatra used to take a bath regularly in the saffron milk to lure her lovers while in some cultures, drinking saffron infused milk is considered to be auspicious on the wedding night. Well, no matter what the reasons are, studies have proven that saffron contains substances that can enhance the sex drive in a person considerably and has also suggested its effects in decreasing sexual side effects.
  • Chilies : Yes! You heard it right! Chilies too are an aphrodisiac. Apart from the hot and spicy sensation that it creates in your mouth, chilies are also capable of spicing up things in your bedroom too. This is quite easy to understand. People who prefer eating chilies must have experienced a natural rush of blood or high while eating them. Well, that’s what it does!

Thus, aphrodisiacs are those natural drugs which have the power of captivating our taste buds and libido at the same time. Unlike Viagra, these sexual stimulants are perfectly natural and have no side effects on the human body. Choose a food of your choice and blend it with the passion in your nerves and wait for sparks of ecstasy to bloom in your sex life. For more information about these aphrodisiacs, visit the site